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I love this garden.  Last I checked, the building was still for sale.

(I think I have upgraded my phone six times since this video….  Please forgive the limitations of 2012 smartphones!)


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Do you want birds?  Plant natives.

Grow some caterpillars! Caterpillars feed birds, and are available much earlier in the year that seeds or berries.  They are also critical foods for many creatures, including baby birds.

Chickadees Show Why Birds Need Native Trees

Schematic Sketch for a Bungalow

This Bungalow on Chicago’s Northwest Side has a front yard needing some redefining, replanting, and re-shaping.  The Schematic Sketch included a design, recommendations for maintenance and reconstruction of a retaining wall, and an opinion of cost.  The client can now budget the next steps, and can use the sketch and example pictures to communicate to future contractors.

Services included a site visit and meeting with client, the design, recommended materials and plants, and an opinion of construction cost.

The plants are all natives, and will attract many birds and butterflies to this urban garden – perfect for the client, who is a real nature lover!

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On the boards

104 Site sketch copyright copy

This is a great terraced site with the back of the house overlooking the property and the sunset.  In looking at the land, it told many stories, and it revealed what we can do to merge the clients desires and the land’s inclinations.

She’s got a cause

The new Teaching Garden at the United Church of Rogers Park!

Want to help or find out more about it?

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green infrastructure



Let’s build some.

United Church of Rogers Park Teaching Garden

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