about Alexia

Designing with natural and human made systems, for the benefit of nature and to enhance quality of life for humans, is how I Alexia have dedicated my life.

People wanting to create or improve the beauty, health, and natural abundance of their outdoor spaces, are my perfect clients.  I can help you.


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founder, Semiramis Studio, LLC

Alexia founded Semiramis Studio to provide services supporting living landscapes.  People wanting to create or improve the beauty, health, and natural abundance of their outdoor spaces, are her perfect clients.

By the time Alexia graduated with her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree at 22, she had already spent a lifetime doing landscape design, construction, and maintenance on college and corporate campuses.  Since coming to Chicago, Alexia has had key roles on design teams for some of Chicago’s most complex and impactful landscapes.  Her portfolio of design experience includes Millennium Park, Lurie Garden, Navy Pier Flyover Bridge, The 606 (Bloomingdale Trail), and South Lakeshore Drive Reconstruction – Jackson Park Section.  Alexia is also a mentor, teacher, and program manager for the Peace Center of Rogers Park’s Teaching Garden.

In recent years, Alexia has refocused her attention to her first love – landscape management and the long-term stewardship of ever-evolving living landscapes.  Alexia wants to help clients who choose to be surrounded by nature’s abundance and nature’s services.  The Studio is uniquely qualified to provide design and specialized management for these landscapes over years.

Alexia’s experience providing long-term maintenance, stewardship in addition to her world-class design experience are brought together in the Studio to provide full services to our clients.

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