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Home Landscape & Benefits

In a nutshell.


Ever wonder what the roots of the prairie looks like?

Roots are featured at the United States Botanic Garden East Gallery now thru mid – October.


Prairie in Leland, Illinois

Water Sensitive Urban Design Film

Landscape Institute to launch WSUD film at Generation H2O Conference

Chicago River Yesterday

This was after 5″ of rain.

Interested in some data? Try the USGS RealTime Precipitation Data interactive map.

Chicago Botanic Garden – The Learning Campus

In the winter of 2009/2010 I worked on the turnaround for the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Learning Campus while at HNTB.  Here are a few photos, and please, check out the article here.

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Extreme Build for RIVERS Project – some sketches

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Please check out the Event page.

Beginning…. to …. well, almost the end………

We still need to add a tree, and divert the downspout to the rain garden, & also add a rain barrel.

The hard work was done by Let’s Go Chicago’s participants!

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